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Since first introduced by Ansell in 1964, disposable gloves have evolved into a variety of materials, sizes, thicknesses, and colors serving different purposes and uses. Disposable gloves have become a necessity in many industries, protecting employees from dirt, grease, hazardous materials, and biological pathogens. Choosing the proper glove for the occasion is important to ensure proper protection for employees and maintaining a safe working environment while keeping costs under control. OSHA has approved gloves for various uses and recommends that employers provide protective gloves when employees are exposed to hazardous materials. With several different materials to choose from, it can be hard to determine what glove is right for the job.

Today, there are several common types of materials found in disposable gloves, nitrile, latex, and vinyl - each having their own separate uses and benefits. Nitrile gloves tend to be three times more puncture resistant than latex disposable gloves, it does not trigger allergies and it has better chemical resistance than most disposable gloves made from other materials. Nitrile works as an excellent barrier against dirt, grime, oil, chemicals and numerous solvents. Thus nitrile gloves are used in a wide variety of industries including: food service, custodial and janitorial, marine, maintenance, medical, automotive, aerospace, woodworking, and lawn care. Nitrile is ideal for environments where puncture resistance is important. Nitrile gloves were first heralded as the solution for people who are allergic to the latex proteins found in latex gloves, but the fact of the matter is nitrile gloves are suitable for a wide variety of tasks and professions. For puncture resistant, chemical resistant, allergen-free gloves, find the glove that is right for your needs at Beacon National Supply.

Latex can be found both natural and synthetic. A lot of organizations are changing to a latex free environment due to natural rubber latex allergies but in some environments latex gloves are still prevalent. Latex allergies tend to develop from repeated exposure to the proteins found in natural rubber and through skin contact or inhalation. While nitrile is a great solution for those with allergies, it is not always the most suitable glove for the job. For example, because Latex is natural rubber, it is extremely hard to beat in surgical applications. It stretches better than most materials and instantly reforms to its original shape and size offering greater sensitivity to the touch and finer control versus other materials. For a glove that has a close fit and conforms exactly to the shape of your hand and protects against infectious diseases, follow this link to find a selection of powdered and powder free latex gloves.
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